Imsouane, Morocco

Hello everyone ! I am here today only few days after the previous article, to share with you my absolute destination-crush of this year !

Before starting out this article, I want to make sure that you guys know this, just in case ! : There are 3 roads that leads to Imsouane from Casablanca. One through Essaouira, One where you take the highway all the way to Agadir city and then take Taghazout's direction to arrive 1 hour later to Imsouane, and One ( that somehow for I don't know which reason my husband decided to choose.. ) that goes throught SO MANY villages between Marrakech and agadir, where we got lost for hours trying to find our way !  We were litteraly in the middle of nowhere and there was no signal and no GPS to helps us find the way to Imsouane. So we did it the old fashion way and asked everyone we stumbled upon on the roads, Aka, 1 person every 45min !
If you don't follow me on Instagram, you should ! I shared some videos of us lost on the roads in the middle…

Dellarosa Hotel Suites & SPA 4*, Marrakech

Well hello sweet readers ! After a summer break, new discoveries and A LOT of pictures, here I am again to share all of it with you !

The first thing I wanna start out with, is this new address that I'm adding for you here on the Blog. 
Dellarosa Hotel Suites & SPA, is a charming four stars Hotel in the red city that I got to discover this summer ( yes we went to Marrakech on the boiling days of August for the first - and probably the last - time ever ! ).  It is so perfectly located that you wont even need to take your car or a taxi to go to all the hyped sites of the city such as " Djamaâ El Fena, the Old Medina, Mc Donalds, Gueliz, all the pretty coffee shops on the Mohamed V avenue etc.. "
Once we arrived to the city, we only had in mind one thing : OUR SUITE AND FAAST ! so that we can enjoy some A/C and be able to breath again ! Fortunately, our Suite was beautiful and so spacious that we even concidered not leaving it again for the rest of the stay.. So here yo…