My 16 Tips and Tricks for planning a smooth Road Trip

After over Five years of consistent travel ( Road Tripping ), I have definitely learned some lessons and developped some manners, tips and tricks to make it easier and more efficient everytime.

A lot of things can be improved to make your Road Trips better, but some things are just part of travelling and cannot be planned.

However, in this article I'll be sharing with you my tips and tricks for an easier Road trip !

1- Planning is KEY 

When you think of taking a Road Trip or simply travelling, planning the whole trip weeks ( if not months ) earlier is the best thing you can do. This way you can remember and add something to the plan everyday.
So, I for myself, begin by choosing with my husband a or some destinations, for exemple, when we planned our first Road Trip to south Morocco, we began by choosing the sites we wanted to see, and picked 7 cities to stay at, then we decided on what we should see outside these cities like Villages, Beaches, Mountains, sites etc...
After that, I…

Aïd El Kebir Getaway ideas for a peaceful stay : Oualidia & Ouirgane, Morocco

Hello dear readers, it's been a long time !
Today I m coming to you with two of my most favorite destinations for a quiet and peaceful getaway.
Since this year Eid El Kebir decided to crash our summer month August, I had the idea to share with you the two destinations my husband and I like to spend our Eid vacay at. And since it's in the middle of summer time, you can kill two birds with one stone ! ( killing though is a strong word that I don't like.. )

And to give you a choice, beacause I know there are beach lovers and mountains lovers out there, one is located on the Atlantic, and the other among the Atlas Mountais, but both got THE most stunning sunsets I have every witnessed !

So let's start out with Oualidia.
As you know, Oualidia is only 2 hours away from Casablanca, and it is a little peaceful coastal town where you can enjoy various beaches and seafood, green spaces ( which are A MUST for a Casablanca citizen like me that severly lack this 24/7 ).. and beaut…


Hello beautiful people !
Before I begin telling you the story of the first stop of my trip to Italy, let me address something.
When I first started this Blog, I wanted it to be all about Morocco and my trips in Morocco. But with time and with all your requests on my social media, I decided to start making the articles you want to see such as my Skin-care routine and my travels abroad. With that being said,

I actually went to Italy last summer.. So, a year later, here is a " new " adventure and a new discovery on my Blog, abroad this time :)

Rome was one of my dream destinations for as far as i can remember. I have always been an old soul and always loved historical monuments that takes you back to an era and tells their own stories. So you can imagine how much the oldest city in the world have always fascinated me !
We actually arrived by night, and as tired as we were, that didn't stop us from dumping our luggage at the hotel and going out to discover the city..

We wen…