Hello beautiful people !
Before I begin telling you the story of the first stop of my trip to Italy, let me address something.
When I first started this Blog, I wanted it to be all about Morocco and my trips in Morocco. But with time and with all your requests on my social media, I decided to start making the articles you want to see such as my Skin-care routine and my travels abroad. With that being said,

I actually went to Italy last summer.. So, a year later, here is a " new " adventure and a new discovery on my Blog, abroad this time :)

Rome was one of my dream destinations for as far as i can remember. I have always been an old soul and always loved historical monuments that takes you back to an era and tells their own stories. So you can imagine how much the oldest city in the world have always fascinated me !
We actually arrived by night, and as tired as we were, that didn't stop us from dumping our luggage at the hotel and going out to discover the city..

We wen…

My Skin Care Routine / Ma routine soin de visage

Prendre soin de sa peau est primordial. Il faut savoir que cela doit commencer bien avant les dernières années de vos vingtaines !
Personnellement, je viens d'une famille qui a la peau sèche et sensible, et sujette aux ride et ridule dès un jeune age. En d'autres termes, c'est héréditaire, et si je ne prends pas les mesures nécessaires, ma peau vieillira avant moi ! D'autant plus que je voyage beaucoup, et on sait tous que le changement de climat et plusieurs autres facteurs influencent et agissent sur ma peau durant toute l'année.
Dans cet article, je partagerai avec vous mes rituels pour prendre soin de ma peau, et la connaissance que j'ai acquise  avec le temps ( et les nombreux essais ! ) en matière de masque pour visage.
Le jour comme la nuit, il est important de bien choisir le produit adéquat à utiliser et la fréquence avec laquelle il faut l'utiliser. Car un produit sensé n'être utilisé qu'une seule fois par semaine, utilisé plus que ça peu…

Domaine des Remparts Hotel & SPA 5* Marrakech, for the 2nd time

Hello hello ! It's been a little while ! As spring is finally ( but not really ) here in Casablanca ( since it's been too windy and rainy and gloomy for days ! ), when Domaine des Remparts Hotel & SPA's invitation poped up, I decided to jump in my car without giving it a second thought and head to Marrakech.  &As we all know, it's almost all year round summer in the red city and i needed some sun so badly, plus, this place is one of my most favorite stays in the city.. so it was a perfect timing for a trip ! 

One thing i loove about this place is the quiet and the contact with nature it has ! If you come from a city or even a country that has a lot of noise 24/7 like it is the case in my hometown Casablanca, you will so deeply enjoy the rest and calmness this place gives you, and the peace you feel once you step foot in it..

I can say that I was served what i was longing for ! Sun, sun and sun ! We settled my husband and I in our beautiful cozy Suite and enjoy…