Villas Fleurs Marrakech, Morocco

First Article Since Covid-19 Pandemic started and hopefully soon post Quarantine ! This, is THE best destination post Quaratine ! why ? well, if you don't want to rush to Hotels and Riads and Guest Houses full of people only few weeks after a Global Pandemic...Maybe a private Villa with your own private pool is your BEST choice ! I have chosen to let this destination simmer a bit until we know for sure IF we will be able to travel again soon or totally cancel 2020 Summer. But now that news have broken, and June 10th is the date the government declared will be the end ( gradually though ) of quarantine, I tought that it was time to share it with you. As you may know, back in February 2020, only weeks before Covid-19 news break and the whole world falls apart, we escaped for a week-end to enjoy ourselves at Complex Villas Fleurs Marrakech, which is a groupe of 5 Villas with variant numbers of rooms, that offers Hotel services : Breakfasts, Lunchs and Dinners as well as House keeping.